Soundscape Symposium – SOUNDSTAINABILITY


LUGANO | October 47 | 2023

Sound is much more of an immersive and relational phenomena than we are accustomed to believing and usually admitting. There is no doubt that environmental sound represents a highly specific mode to learn about the world and its quality is a vital condition for human beings and for other animal species.

Sound surrounds us and we create it. Animals use sound, producing it and obtaining information from it: moving through spaces, feeding, reproducing, defending themselves, playing. Humans extend this use to culture and its symbolic forms, within which sound plays a fundamental role. Sound is, indeed, part of our environmental systems and the listening and production of sounds register, reveal, and modify the processes within these systems.
It is therefore important to pay attention to the present and future state of the sound world, to understand its equilibrium and ask if and…

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